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Ninten's Artwork

Ninten, also known as Kenneth, but please don't call him that, is the main protagonist of Chapter One, and a protagonist in the comic in general.

Role in the Plot Edit

It can be said that Ninten is the one who kick-starts the plot by, against his mother's wishes, letting Ana into his room while his mother wasn't around and accidentally gets her pregnant. With the two of them being only 17 at the time, this was obviously bad. <teehee not finished>

Personality Edit

Ninten has two sides to his personality. When in a good mood, he is kind, and overall a fun person to be around. On the other hand, he's stubborn, can be impulsive, has a very short fuse, and when angry, is an insensitive jerk. However, deep down inside, Ninten is loyal to and will do everything in his power to keep his loved ones safe. This, perhaps, is why he specialists in defensive PSI.

Trivia Edit

  • Ninten was called 'Ken' in the Mother novel, which is where his 'real name' Kenneth come from.
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