Giegue starmen

Giegue commanding many ranks of Starmen; taken from the Chapter One cover.

Starmen are Giegue's main cronies and make up a majority of his army. In Mother 2 and a Half, many different ranks of Starmen make an appearance. Most are taken straight from the Mother games, but some are original. All ranks of Starmen use PSI powers to fight, and are incidentally, the same species of alien as Giegue under their suits. Their suits not only show what rank they are in the army, but they also add some protection to their thin, frail bodies. The suits also allow them to breathe on planets other then their own, especially Earth's.

Ranks, highest to lowest Edit

  • Galactic Starman
  • Final Starman
  • Starman Deluxe
  • Ghost of Starman
  • Red Starman
  • Yellow Starman
  • Blue Starman
  • Green Starman
  • White Starman
  • Starman
  • Starman Junior